IIUM Manuscript


1.   This repository contains digitized manuscripts of the Dar al-Hikmah Library, IIUM (the library).
2.   General public has access to the first 10 pages of each manuscript title or some teaser pages.
3.   External members or visitors can have access to full texts on dedicated computers at the library.
4.   Request for reproduction of pages can be made through ILL and Document Delivery Service at the email iiulib2@iium.edu.my
5.   All IIUM community who login through Central Authentication Service (CAS) will have access to the full text, except for certain restricted titles.
6.   Quality of images represents the original sources. Readers may find certain images are very hard to read.
7.   Smudges, blotches and stains, if found on the images will be saved as it is.
8.   Titles in Arabic are entered in the Arabic scripts, however, all authors' names are in the Romanised forms.
9.   Certain non-Arabic titles like Persian, Urdu and Turkish share some common alphabets with Arabic. Therefore, these titles are also entered in the original script except for certain       alphabets not found on the keyboard.
10.  Readers may find certain titles are not described in details. This is because cataloguing of manuscripts takes so much time and such we prioritize the publishing of images and        basic metadata first to facilitate access.